Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mustard Plant and Frog

Mustard Plant:
Mustard Plant

Mustard plant (Brassica campestris) is a winter plant. It is sown in winter and produces flowers and seeds at the end of winter. Its plant body is used as vegetable in Pakistan and its seeds are used for extracting mustard oil. The organs of the plant body are divided into two groups on the basis of their function i.e. vegetative and reproductive.
Flowers are the reproductive parts of the plant and they take part in sexual reproduction and produce fruits and seeds. Roots stem, branches and leaves are the vegetative parts which do not take part in sexual reproduction of the plant.


Frog (Rana Tigina) is also an example of Multicellular organization. The body of frog is made up of different organs and organs system. All the organs are made up to specific tissues such as glandular, epithelial, muscular and nervous etc.

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